The Energy-efficient Ballast

Improving energy efficiency has grown to be a common goal for all and is of particular interest to the internal market. This is the reason why one will find the increasing use of energy-efficient ballast. Read on to know more about them.

You will come across many kinds of energy-efficient ballasts, for example, rapid start energy-efficient ballasts, Instant start ballasts, Program rapid start ballasts, Dimming electronic ballasts etc. These energy efficient ballasts vary in their efficiency, costs, life etc. for example the efficiency of the Instant start ballasts is higher than the rapid start ballasts but their lamp life is shorter. Program rapid start ballasts are best for energy efficiency and long lamp life, but can be expensive. Dimming electronic ballasts are the least expansive. All these energy-efficient ballasts have been used for years and offer considerable energy savings.

Latest advancements in ballast lamp and control technologies have allowed users to truly ‘have it all in the energy-efficient ballast. Not only are these turning to be long-lasting, most energy-efficient, cost-effective, they also provide high-quality lighting systems. One can reduce up to 30 to 50 percent of the total energy cost.

Big organizations can minimize energy use by relamping with lower wattage lamps and energy-efficient ballasts. Added choices are to opt for ballasts designed to work the lamps at even lower wattages and lowering the annual energy consumption of lighting.

Electronic energy-efficient ballasts have also added to the technology behind Fluorescent lamps. With the advanced electronic technology, metal halide lamps may be able to attain 90 percent lumen maintenance with well above the 20,000-hour lamp replacement cycle. Lower wattage systems and better lumen maintenance means energy savings.

The technology doesn’t stop there, but is getting better with time. Recent years, have seen optimized lumen maintenance, lumen, and lamp life to offer high lumen lamps or the T8 lamps  that can be paired with reduced wattage and /low ballast factor electronic ballasts to curb the energy usage while conveying the right levels of light.

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