The Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent lights, also referred to as fluorescent tube electricity to excite mercury vapor and create light. These excited atoms of mercury, create short-wave ultraviolet light and make the phosphor to fluoresce, thus producing visible light. Compact fluorescent lights are known to change electrical power into light more efficiently in comparison to the incandescent lamp. Although the initial cost of the lamp may be higher, but the lower energy cost of running these lights offset the high cost factor.

While larger and colored fluorescent lights lamps are being used in commercial or institutional buildings, the compact fluorescent lights are now available in the same variety and sizes.

The commercialization of the fluorescent lights initiated in 1938 when four diverse sizes of tubes were put on sale in the market. The following year saw GE and Westinghouse publicizing the new fluorescent lights with the help of exhibitions at the New York World’s Fair. During World War II, the use of fluorescent lighting systems expanded rapidly and the demand only intensified. in the following years.

Compact fluorescent lights come in all shapes and sizes and is getting increasingly popular. You will find these lamps used in basements, kitchens, garages, businesses, schools etc. The residential use of fluorescent lights may vary and depend on cost of energy as well as environmental concerns.

Fluorescent lights are more efficient in converting the input energy to visible light. It can use 22% of the power to give visible white light, as compared to only 2% in other electric light bulbs. They are cooler than traditional halogen light sources and prevent flickering. Colored fluorescent lights are finding place in diverse uses and there is a growing demand for these.

The life of these fluorescent light sis higher too and can last bet 10 to 20 more than an equivalent incandescent lamp. Moreover, the higher initial cost of setting up a fluorescent lamp gets compensated for by lower energy consumption.

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