The Occupancy Sensors for Lighting

Occupancy sensors are special kinds of switching devices that react to the presence and absence of people in the room or area. The system behind these occupancy sensors for lighting ia made up of an electronic control unit, a motion detector, and a controllable switch. As soon as the motion detector makes out any motion, it relays the right signal to the control unit, which then processes the input signal to either open or close the relay that powers the lights.

The basic technology behind the wireless occupancy sensors has been derived from security systems used in commercial and residential areas to notice any intruders. However, the lighting wireless occupancy sensors have been fine tuned so that it shows response not only to the presence of occupants, but also to the their absence of occupants.

With the growing popularity and demand for the occupancy sensors for lighting, focus is now on how to make the technology even better and lower in costs. Research is going on how to increase and control intelligence, as well as improve the ability of the wireless occupancy sensors to detect even a small minor motion.

These lighting wireless occupancy sensors can also be connected to automation systems and low-voltage relay. When looking upon the life span of occupant sensor systems, it is seen that there is only manufacturer of these systems and who claims the life span of over 15 years. But these clams are yet to be proven. However, some deterioration and decline in the working of these sensors can be expected due to any temperature extremes and high humidity environments.

You will find extensive use of these occupancy sensors for lighting in many big offices, residential areas and big buildings. Based on whether or not an area is occupied or not, the lights get turned on and off accordingly. This automatic shut-off of the lights also saves on energy costs and time.

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